Reformation 500: Day 2

The first message that we went to was by Dr. Paul Jehle on John Robinson. John Robinson was the Pilgrims' pastor while they were in Holland before coming to America. He effected the Pilgrims, and America, a lot. Next I went to hear Mr. Potter speak on The Influence of the Reformation on Global Exploration and Warfare. He spoke on two different battles. The first was the siege of Derry, when the Catholic Irish sieged the Reformed Christian Scotch-Irish. The other battle was the Battle of Blood River in South Africa, where 400 Christian Boers defeated thousands of Zulu Indians. This message was very interesting.

Paul Jehle

Bill Potter

At this point we had to send in the clues that we had gotten from the Reformers for the treasure hunt. We only got three of the five, but we sent it in any way. We thought the clues referred to the George Washington statue in the Boston Public Gardens. This was true, but we did not find any clues there. When we got back, we listened to the end of Mr. Swanson's message on Lessons for Homeschoolers from the Reformation.

Dan Ford

The next lecture we went to was by Dan Ford on John Calvin's legacy of liberty. He showed many original documents from that time. Next we heard Dr. Morecraft speak on Calvin's Doctrine of Worship.

Dr. Joe Morecraft


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a much better blogger than I. I haven't even really looked at my pictures yet. We attended the John Robinson lecture, Mr. Potter's lecture and we heard Mr. Ford's lecture at church.
It was great to see you in Boston! We plan on being at the Sufficency of Scripture Conference in Cinnicanati. Do you think you'll be there?

Anonymous said...

Oops-I haven't signed into my blogger account yet so I posted anonymously-I'm Andrew Wong.

Joshua Horn said...

I am pretty sure we will be there. It was good to see you also!


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