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Loch Levin Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots abdicated the throne as a prisoner (we went here after the Faith & Freedom tour)

Vision Forum has published the CDs of their Scotland Faith and Freedom Tour. To Buy, Click Here. These talks on the CD take you back to the early centuries studying the early church fathers from all over Scotland and how they effected America. These talks explain the history of the early church fathers, the things leading up to the Reformation, and the Reformation itself. Some have said that John Knox, one of the Scottish reformers, effected America more that anyone else. If you buy them you will certainly enjoy them. The speakers are Doug Phillips, Bill Potter, Dr. Joe Morcraft III, and last but not least the Celtic Balladeer singer Charlie Zahm. Enjoy!

Other books about Scotland:
Scotland Reading List,
Bonny Prince Charlie,
Crown and Covenant Collection,
In Freedoms Cause

Raft Launching

Last year, Stephen and I made a raft out of logs from our woods. Mr, Brown let us launch it on the 4th of July last year, but it would not hold us because we used green wood. Last weekend, over a year later, we finally got to launch another! This one was made of big (and dry!) fallen logs that Daddy cut up with the chainsaw, and Daddy and I tied it together really well.

Mr. Brown kindly let us use his lake, with a swimming dock in it:

First I tried it out, and it worked great!
But there was some trouble when I tried to take Rachel to the dock.

Here is the result!
Eventually we decided that the best way to use it with two people was to have one person hold on the back, while the other paddles.

Stephen trying it out

We had a great time useing the raft and swimming. The only bad thing was that we all got sunburned.

Scotland - 2008 Trip Summary

Here is an outline of Scottish history, and is very similar to the one we used for a Scotland Reformation presentation we did at our church with pictures from the Scotland Faith and Freedom Tour.

1. The British Museum - The Meaning of History

2. Kilmartin Cairn, 1500BC-200AD – Danger from within and without - A Contrast and a Warning

3. Iona, 520AD-800AD – The Power of the Gospel reaching the entire world and the Perpetuity of the Church

4. Urquhart/Loch Ness, 540AD – Crossroads of History - visited by Columba who founded Iona, attacked by one of Wallace's generals, and by a Jacobite force.

5. Edinburgh Castle / Margaret's Chapel 1100AD – Contrasts with Popery

6. William Wallace, 1250-1305AD – The Importance of Jurisdiction. The English can not rule Scotland, they are a separate jurisdiction.

7. Robert Bruce, Battle of Bannockburn, Declaration of Arborath, (Reign 1306-1329) – Precursor to the American Revolution

8. Highland Games established in Ceres to commemorate the battle of Bannockburn, 1315

9. St. Andrews, (Scottish Reformation) 1528-1547 – The blood of the martyrs

10. John Knox, 1510-1572 – Fearing no man, fearing God alone

11. Covenants, 1620-1660 – God’s people banding together

12. Covenanters, 1660-1688 – “There’s nae joukin in the cause of Christ” - James Guthrie

13. Puritans and Jacobites, 1688-1788 - Examples of Righteous and Unrighteous Rebellion

14. Livingston, 1813-1873 – Worked for Evangelism, Exploration and Emancipation

15. Spurgeon, 1832-1892 – The power of preaching

16. What this all means – we must spend and be spent for the bride of Christ

Alba Gu Bra,

Joshua Horn

Jonathan Park - New Set

Vision Forum has just produced a new Jonathan Park album, one you can take to the zoo, and learn about the animals there from a creationist worldview. You can also buy communicator watches, just like they use in the episodes!

The Castles of Scotland

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