Scotland CDs

Loch Levin Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots abdicated the throne as a prisoner (we went here after the Faith & Freedom tour)

Vision Forum has published the CDs of their Scotland Faith and Freedom Tour. To Buy, Click Here. These talks on the CD take you back to the early centuries studying the early church fathers from all over Scotland and how they effected America. These talks explain the history of the early church fathers, the things leading up to the Reformation, and the Reformation itself. Some have said that John Knox, one of the Scottish reformers, effected America more that anyone else. If you buy them you will certainly enjoy them. The speakers are Doug Phillips, Bill Potter, Dr. Joe Morcraft III, and last but not least the Celtic Balladeer singer Charlie Zahm. Enjoy!

Other books about Scotland:
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Bonny Prince Charlie,
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In Freedoms Cause


Andrew said...

How did your family weather Tropical Storm Hanna?

Joshua Horn said...

It was fine! Just a lot of rain and a little wind where we were.

Thanks for asking,

Joshua Horn

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