Raft Launching

Last year, Stephen and I made a raft out of logs from our woods. Mr, Brown let us launch it on the 4th of July last year, but it would not hold us because we used green wood. Last weekend, over a year later, we finally got to launch another! This one was made of big (and dry!) fallen logs that Daddy cut up with the chainsaw, and Daddy and I tied it together really well.

Mr. Brown kindly let us use his lake, with a swimming dock in it:

First I tried it out, and it worked great!
But there was some trouble when I tried to take Rachel to the dock.

Here is the result!
Eventually we decided that the best way to use it with two people was to have one person hold on the back, while the other paddles.

Stephen trying it out

We had a great time useing the raft and swimming. The only bad thing was that we all got sunburned.


The Dischers said...

Hi, Joshua! This is Peter Discher.

We saw your comment on our Country Cousins blog. Glad you like the CD!

I also read your winning essay on the Ballantyne site. Congratulations! It was really good.

Nice job on the raft. Maybe I'll see you at the Father - Son retreat in Sept.

Joshua Horn said...

Thank you for reading!

I hope we get to see you at the Father Son Retreat.

Have a great day.

Joshua Horn

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