Training and Admonition of the Lord Conference

This past weekend our church put on a Training and Admonition of the Lord Conference. The speakers were my father and Mr. Brown. The conference was designed specifically to help the people of our church, though others were invited.

The Lepore family from Massachusetts stayed with us for the week of the conference. We had a good time with them. I went with them to King's Mountain Battlefield on Thursday while my father was at a business meeting in Charlotte, and I will try to put up a post about that soon.

The conference started on Friday night with sessions for adults only, and the subject was chastening and the use of the rod, and religion in the home.

The conference went all day Saturday with the entire families attending. My father started with a message on Proverbs 4 speaking to the children about how they should be seeking wisdom and understanding while they are in their parents' house. The purpose of childhood is not to play, it is to have a time of learning without the responsibilities of providing for a family. Mr Brown came next with a message on Proverbs 31. He spoke on the qualifications and roles of godly women.

By this time we were already running late, so the session on preparing children for adulthood was merged with a Q and A time. After lunch, Mr Brown gave a message on how boys and girls should relate and then gave some time for questions. My father gave a message on how parents and children need to redeem the time. Last there came more time for questions.

One of the things my father mentioned in his speech on redeeming the time is that most people spend too much time and money going to collage to learn things that they will never use.

Here are some pictures that I took at the conference:

Mr. Brown speaking on Proverbs 31

My father speaking on redeeming the time

Conference Attendees


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Thanks Joshua

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Thanks Joshua

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