Sufficiency of Scripture: Day 2

The first keynote on the second day was by Voddie Baucham on "The Sufficiency of Scripture for Manhood and Womanhood." The next message was by Doug Phillips on "The Sufficiency of Scripture and the Heart of NCFIC." The next five messages were break-outs. I ran sound in one of the breakout sessions, which was "Scripture is Sufficient for Women’s Ministry Part 1: Teachers of Good Things." The next breakout, "The Sufficiency of Scripture and Personal Evangelism" by Paul Washer was in my room. It was a very good talk. The last breakout for the day in my room was, "Scripture is Sufficient for Women’s Ministry Part 2: Keepers at Home," by Jeff Pollard. The next message was the keynote,"Is the Sufficiency of Scripture a Bible Doctrine?" by Dr. Joe Morecraft, which I was not able to hear. Then there was another keynote, "Scripture is Sufficient for Ministry to Youth" by Scott Brown. The last keynote was, "The Sufficiency of Scripture and the Gospel," by Paul Washer. I was able to hear most of it and it was a very good message. It made people really question whether or not they are saved, and if they really love Jesus.


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