Hilton Head - Day 1

On November 27th, we drove down to Hilton Head, SC to spend the weekend with our Grandparents. On November 28th, Thanksgiving Day, Grandma, Grandpa, Rachel and I went on the beach to take a walk, and to fly a kite which they gave us. It was fun. Daddy, Joshua and Mommy had to stay back to work on the book, Sancitified by God. It was too cold to go swimming in the ocean. When we came back, we started preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate at about 2:00 pm. After that, we all went for a walk on the beach. Here are some pictures:
Our kite

My Grandmother

The ocean

The Sunset

Daddy flying the kite

From Left to Right, Grandma, Mommy and Rachel


Andrew Wong said...

Hope your family is having a good time at the SOS conference. I'm pretty disappointed about not being able to attend, but I'm sure it's for the best!

Joshua Horn said...

Yes, it was a great conference. We are sorry that you couldn't make it.

Anthony Daming said...

Yea, it was really good! The talks that I got to listen to while I was not help ing record.

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