A Snowman

Here is a snowman that we made today:


Anonymous said...

He must have been a Yankee.

Anthony Daming said...

Why does he have to be a Yankee? The Confederate lost the war. (I am not say they were good) But the Confederate lost more men.

Joshua Horn said...


We didn't make that comment. I don't know who did. We do not assassinate anyone, Confederate or Union. :)


P.S. The Unions actually lost more men 140,000 vs. 72,000

Anthony Daming said...

Yea. I kind of new that. But you didn't have to tell that other guy up there! : ) ( Just Kidding.) Oh well, the Union won and now it is all over.
Hey you have a great day!

Anthony C. Daming

The Armour Family said...

Just came across your blog and was browsing it when I found this post... my Mom was relieved to see that there's other respectable Christian families out there doing the same sort of thing as my brothers. :)

We enjoyed hearing Mr. Horn at the marriage conference.

God bless you all.

To God be the Glory,

Joshua Horn said...

haha. Glad you enjoyed it.

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