Hilton Head - Day 2

The next day, November 29th, we drove down to Savanah, Georgia. The first place we stopped was Fort Pulaski. Fort Pulaski was a Civil War fort named after a Polish general in the revolutionary war who was wounded near Savanah and died shortly after. Fort Pulaski was captured near the beginning of the Civil War. It was designed by Robert E. Lee while he was an engineer in the army before the war. The Confederate commander surrendered the fort even though he could of held it for much longer. After that, we drove down to the river walk and ate lunch at a shrimp restaurant. We stopped by some candy places on the way back to the car and ate samples. Then we went to the visitors center, and bought a driving tour CD. It was very interesting, but all of the squares in Savanah got kind of boring. We could not take many pictures because our camera battery was almost dead. Here are some pictures that we did take:
One the fort's cannons

One of the walls of the fort

Another one of the cannons

The drawbridge of the fort

A mural of General Pulaski on the side of a monument to him in Savanah


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