How the Church can Stengthen the Family Conference

This past weekend we had a NCFIC conference at our church called, How can the Church Strengthen the Family in the 21st Century. This was the biggest conference we did this year. We had several speakers in from out of town, including Kevin Swanson, Jeff Pollard and Bill Einwechter. Scott Brown, Steve Breagy, Jason Dohm and my father, the elders at our church, also spoke. About 300 people from all over the country attended.

My father gave two breakout messages, one on the Lord's Supper, and one on Family Worship. During his talk on Family Worship, he got so animated that people could here him in other rooms! Here are some pictures:

Kevin Swanson was one of my favorite speakers. He is a pastor from Colorado, and he is the leader of the homeschool group in that state. He is very active in his preaching. My favorite message that he gave was called Surviving Tough Economic Times. In that message he spoke on the current economic crisis, and his main point was that even though things are not going well, we should trust God and obey his commands regarding money. It was very good.

Bill Einwechter and some of his family stayed with us during the conference. He gave two messages on women in civil leadership. Here are two of his articles on the subject, on Women Magistrates, and What about Deborah.

Stephen and I helped David Brown to record the messages. Everyone who was on the recording staff had to wear a white shirt, black pants and a black bow-tie. I was in charge of one of the breakout rooms, and I also edited a lot of the messages. It was a lot of fun!

Here are the CD sets we made

Stephen Breagy helping my brother, Stephen Horn, edit

Me during one of the sessions


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