Washington Day 2

We slept in the boy's room at the Bradrick's house. Daddy got up at 4:40 am to work on his talk and I got up at 6:00 am. We got showered, ate breakfast and left at 6:55 am for the conference which was an hour away. The Browns, also, were staying at the Bradrick's house and went to the conference with the Bradrick's. We had to set up the building for the conference and then Scott Brown did the first talk at 9:00 am on Acts 20 about Paul's ministry and what we should learn from it. Then, after a ten minute break, Daddy did his talk on Samuel Rutherford which I had helped him prepare while traveling on both days. Then we had lunch which was sandwiches, tortilla chips, celery, carrots, and brownies. Then Scott Brown did a talk on Church Killers from James 3. Thirty minutes after it ended we had to get out of the building because the building needed to be cleaned up, so the men kept talking outside. Some people were offended by Daddy when he said that Arminianism was a heresy. Now we are on our way to the Bradricks to spend the night and get up early in the morning to drive to Seattle for a 7:00 am flight which will put us back at our house about 7:30 pm. Click here to see NCFIC's homepage and here for the upcoming events. To buy CD sets by Scott Brown click here


Joshua Horn said...


I hope that you have a safe trip back! See you soon.

Your brother,

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