Church Planting Conference

On September 5-6 the National Center for Family Integrated Churches did a conference on church planting. The speakers were Dan Horn, Scott Brown, Steve Breagy, and Jason Dohm. On the first day Scott Brown started out with a talk on the "Centrality of Christ in the Church", which was about how Christ is the center of the church and how it can not go on without him. The second talk was by Jason Dohm titled "Establishing the Elements of Biblical Church Life" on how the church should look and how to do it. Then Dan Horn did a talk on the "Complementary Roles of Church and Home" which was about what roles are the church's and what roles the are the home's and how the church is doing the family's roles and the state is doing the church's roles and what the consequences of this are. Then Steve Breagy did a talk titled "Church Planting Checklist" which was not a checklist, because you can not make a checklist of all of what to do to plant a church. We might want a checklist of everything to do, but all situations are different so there is no right way to do it every time.

Then the second day started out with a talk by Dan Horn on church membership and why it is important to have it, with reasons like "the shepherds need to know who they are to protect." The second talk that day was by Scott Brown on Church Covenants, which was on the necessity to have one and he also walked through the covenant of Hope Baptist Church and why they had certain things in there. Next Dan Horn did a talk on "Issues and Answers for Maintaining Doctrinal Unity" which was about what to do about doctrinal unity to prevent a split. Then Jason Dohm did a talk on "Biblical Church Government" which was about qualifications for elders and deacons and he went through the passages which had the qualifications in them. Then Dan Horn did a talk on "Issues and Answers on Leaving a Church" which was about how to leave a church and why and how to avoid those who have left wrongly from their last church. Then Scott Brown ended with a talk on "The Loveliness of the Church" and about how Christ relates to the church and how the church is the bride of Christ. You should get these CDs if you are going to plant a church or if you already have. To buy the CD set, click here. To see upcoming NCFIC events, click here.


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