Baseball Game

On Tuesday August 25 we went to a baseball game with Shea, Stephen, and Mr. Breagy. The game was at the Durham Bull's stadium, and they were playing against the Indianapolis Indians.

Shea, Rachel, Joshua, Stephen, and Stephen

We ate dinner at the baseball game, and we got cotton candy too. The Durham Bulls beat the Indians at the bottom of the 10th inning. It was a really close game! We had a lot of fun since it was the Breagys first time going to the Durham Ball Park. They really liked the bull snorting when the Bulls hit a home run!

This is the player who hit the home run.

The bull snorting after they hit a home run.

We did not stay for the whole game because it was going so long, but the Breagys didn't leave right when we did, so they heard when the Bulls won. We tried to find the radio station to listen to on the way home, but we couldn't.


Stephen Horn said...

It was very fun. We had not been to a baseball game in a while. The score was 9 to 8

Joshua Horn said...

Yes it was

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