The Jamestown Quadricentennial - Introduction

This year is America's 400th birthday. In 1607, the first English colony, and eventually the first permanent colony was founded in Jamestown.

At every major anniversary of Jamestown in our history, such as 1807, 1907 and 1957, many thousands of people have traveled to Jamestown to celebrate and remember God's Providential history in Jamestown. Yet this year, the Quadricentennial of Jamestown, the official event would not even call it a celebration. They said that the settlement of Jamestown was an invasion of the Indians.

But then Vision Forum decided to put on a celebration to celebrate God's Providential history. At the end of the week over 4000 people came. We went to Jamestown for the entire week. We enjoyed the week very much and will be posting pictures.

On Sunday, June 10, after church, we drove up to Jamestown and ate dinner with our friends the Breagys.


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