The Jamestown Quadricentennial - Day 1

On Monday, the first thing we went to was the reenactment of the first landing at Jamestown. Here are some pictures:
The boats land on the new world.

They watch for Indians.

The flag is planted.

The cross was planted, and then they prayed.

After this reenactment, most of the speakers gave their opening comments. The Williamsburg Fife and Drums played for us in the opening ceremonies also.

After the reenactment of the first landing and the opening ceremonies, we went to a Faith and Freedom mini tour. When you signed up, you got to choose 3 mini tours. The mini tours went to either Williamsburg, Yorktown or Jamestown. There were also different speakers to choose from. They lasted two hours. The one that we went to on Monday was Bill Potter at Yorktown. Bill Potter also speaks at the Faith and Freedom Tours, and he explains the battles; he is a military historian.

Before we went to the tour, we tried to find a place to get some lunch. There is a road called the Colonial Parkway which connects Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. We got on that road to get to Yorktown. But the problem is that there is no fast food on that road, or in historic Yorktown. So we had to go without food for lunch.

We got to Yorktown early, and so we and another family from our church walked out to the redoubt where we were supposed to start. But then someone told us that the starting point was changed to the Visitor Center. So we left the mothers in the shade and walked back there. We found the group, and after a short talk we walked to the redoubt.
After Mr. Potter explained the battle, the children charged the redoubt!

Here are some of the fortifications of Yorktown:

After the tour we went on a driving tour of the battlefield.


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