Two weeks ago we went to Duck, NC, which is near Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks. We arrived Thursday afternoon. Friday morning we went to the Wright Brothers Memorial. It is on the hill from which they conducted glider tests, which was next to where they lived while they were down there and where they first flew. There was also a museum about the history of the Wright Brothers before and after they invented and flew the first airplane. After that we went to Jockey's Ridge, which is a bunch of sand dunes. It was fun to walk on and climb and roll down the dunes. Jockey's Ridge is also where people fly hang-gliders, but we did not do that. After that, we went to where the first colony, Roanoke, was located. There we saw a recreation of the earthworks which they had there. Finally, we went to a used book store. We could not stay very long because it was closing time.

On Saturday, Mommy and Rachel went shopping while Joshua and I played Axis & Allies and Daddy started writing Communion of Christ's Body. After lunch we went down to the beach. Even though the water was cold, Joshua and I swam in it while Mommy, Daddy, and Rachel took a walk on the beach. After that we packed up and came home.
A model of the Wright brother's plane while they were preparing it for take-off
Joshua and I at the Wright Memorial
The stone marking where the first flight was made from
In this photo you can see the markers for the distance of each flight. If you zoom in you can see how far the fourth marker is
Daddy, Mommy, and Rachel climbing a dune at Jockey's Ridge
Joshua and I racing down one of the dunes
A sand dune

A recreation of the earthworks at Roanoke

Sunset at our Condo

A Model of one of the Wright Flyers


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