Cowpens Battlefield

A few weeks ago we visited Cowpens Battlefield  with friends from church on our way to the Atlanta NCFIC roadtrip stop. It was one of the most important battles in South Carolina of the American War for Independence. General Daniel Morgan made a stand there against the British troops who were chasing him under the cruel British commander Tarelton. Since most of his troops were undisciplined militia, he put them out in two lines in front of the Continentals. He told them to fire just two shots and then they could run. That is just what they did, and the British became disordered in the pursuit. The Continentals retreated as well due to a misunderstood order, but as they ran they suddenly turned and opened fire on the British. Many British fell, and the militia came and surrounded them. The Americans won the day. The British suffered 300 killed and wounded, and over 700 prisoners. The Americans lost less than 150. This victory was important because it encouraged the Americans that they were able to beat the British.
The British troops charged across these fields

A Cannon at the Battlefield like the ones the British would have used

The monument at the Visitor's Center
We will try to post a video from the battlefield soon.


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