Sufficiency of Scripture: Day 3

The first keynote on the third day of the Sufficiency of Scripture conference was by Kevin Swanson on "The Sufficiency of Scripture and Family Integration." The next message was a breakout. The message in the room that I ran the sound in was Andy Davis on "The Sufficiency of Scripture for Habits of Obedience." Then there was the lunch break. After the lunch break, I was in a talk by Paul Washer on "The Importance of Biblical Family Life for the Spread of the Gospel." It was a very good message. After that was a keynote, which I did not hear. We did not go to The Mysterious Islands screening because we had seen it at the premier in Durham, NC. You can read the post about that here. You can buy the CD Set from the Sufficiency of Scripture conference here.

Daddy giving his "How can a Loving God say to...?" talk


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