Shooting a .22

Today, my brother and I both shot his .22 rifle. It looks like a Winchester, but it was made by a different company. We used a metal can and a plastic milk jug for targets. By the end, the metal can was full of holes, and the milk jug had a lot of holes too, but it was bigger so it did not seem like it had as many holes. If you hit the target, it would fly up in the air, and land a few feet off. If you hit the ground next to the target the leafs would fly up everywhere. First we did short range target practice, and then we did long range target practice. I do not know if Joshua or I was more accurate, since we were not having a contest, but we had a lot of fun. We tried very hard to get a picture of fire coming out of the end of the barrel, and we have a picture of the exact moment it
fired, and we are sure that no fire comes out of the barrel. It did not make much smoke either.

Joshua just barely missed the target and the leaves are flying

Joshua about to shoot his gun

Me shooting his gun at long range

Joshua shooting at long range

Joshua holding the gun


Anonymous said...

Were is the picture of the moment it fires?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Sigh...I wish I could do that. Not in California, the nation's largest outdoor insane asylum.


Stephen Horn said...

The top picture is the one where it has just fired. You can not see the leaves very well because they are dark

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