Playing airsoft with our friend

Last week, two of our friends, Jonathan, and Sarah, stayed with us because their parents were in California at a conference. We had a lot of fun with them. They stayed from Wednesday morning until Sunday morning. On Friday and Saturday, we played airsoft (which is a game where everyone has a gun that shoots plastic bb's and you shoot each other) and had a lot of fun. Jonathan brought his airsoft gun, but there was a problem with it that we could not fix so he used one of ours. It was broken, but it still worked a little so he used it. I had a rifle that had a magazine that could hold 20 bb's, Jonathan had one that had no magazine and you had to stick the bb into the barrel, and Joshua had one that had a magazine that held 12 bb's, but he had two cartridges.

At first we had Jonathan and Joshua against me. They hit me twice, and I hit each of them once, so we called it a tie even though there was one of me and two of them, so they should have been able to hit me better. They would not have hit me any, except that I was trapped in a trench, and they hit me twice as I climbed out.

After that we tried Jonathan and I against Joshua. Jonathan's gun did not shoot very far, and was not accurate, so he would get close to shoot Joshua. I had bare feet so it took me longer to get up to where they were fighting. Jonathan hit Joshua twice, and was hit three times. Joshua knew that my gun was more accurate, so he would shoot Jonathan, and then when I came up he would retreat, and it would happen again. Joshua hit Jonathan three times more like this, so Jonathan and I decided to switch. We were more successful then. When we decided to be done we had hit Joshua seven times, but he hit Jonathan eight times, and me zero times. Then, Joshua and Jonathan had a battle in the front yard, and I took pictures. Jonathan had my shotgun and the pistol, and Joshua had his pistol. These are the pictures of the fight that ensued.

Joshua behind his stump

Jonathan holding my shotgun

Joshua ready for action

Joshua aiming

Jonathan behind the fort

Joshua cocking his gun

Jonathan and Joshua

Picking up the bb's afterward

Looking down the barrel of my shotgun


Wong Family said...

My brothers and I have thought about trying air soft. I heard that they hurt more than paintball. What do you think? It seems like it might be safer with eye goggles or something. My brother, Benjamin, has a shotgun just like yours.

Joshua Horn said...

I have never done paintball, but airsoft really doesn't hurt that bad, especially if you are wearing long sleves. We don't wear goggles because we have glasses, but everyone else who doesn't have glasses does.

Wong Family said...

Hmm... well maybe we'll get to try it sometime :)

Jordan Pirch said...

Sounded like you guys had a lot of fun.

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