More snow pictures

These are some pictures of us in the snowfall we had last week. It was really good snow for snowballs, so we had some good snowball fights, of which I won one and Joshua won the other. We are sorry that we did not get any pictures of the snowball fights. We tried to sled, but the snow had melted off of the road where we usually sled. We tried using our sled as a snowboard but that was bad for it so we stopped. We went into the woods, which is where we took these pictures, and then got lost. The reason that we got lost is because we could not see far ahead at all because there was snow on everything. Joshua kept kicking trees and getting snow down his coat and his back.

Me in the snow

Snow on top of a bridge we built

Joshua after he fell in the snow

Snow on the trees

Joshua (he just kicked a tree and snow is falling on his head)

Snow falling

P. S. I took the pictures except for the one of me


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