Indiana Trip - Day 2

On Wednesday, the second day of our trip, we started out eating breakfast at the Damings. Then, while Daddy and Mr. Brown worked, Anthony, Nathaniel, Stephen and I played around their house. We rode bikes, crossed their creek and played games in their gym. Then we went by Mr. Daming's office, where he keeps his equipment for the excavating business, and picked up an excavator and dropped it off at a house that he was going to knock down. We ate lunch at Taco Bell, and Daddy had lunch with one of his employees who lives in Indiana.

In the afternoon we went back to the house that Mr. Daming was going to knock down. We walked through it, and the owner of the house, Mr. Daming's friend, wanted to keep some of the doorknobs, so we helped him take them of. Then we started ripping the house down with the excavator. It was really fun! The excavator is so powerful that if you were good at driving it, you could probably rip a house down in ten minutes. Stephen and I both got to operate it. Here are some pictures:

Stephen is the one operating the excavator in this picture

Me driving

David knocking down the chimney

After we knocked down most of the house, we left for Indianapolis where the conference was. The dinner at the conference was very good. We saw a lot of people that we already knew. After dinner, we heard two speakers, Mr. Voddie Baucham and Kevin Swanson. They were good messages, but I will talk about the conference more in the next post.


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