Hilton Head

On the week of January 1st, we went to Hilton Head Island with my paternal grandparents. They rented bikes for us, and we rode them on the beach and the bike paths. The ocean was very cold, but we waded in it for a little while. We visited the lighthouse, and Daddy, Stephen and I climbed to the top. We also visited a historic plantation. One thing we learned is that Hilton Head is where they got the live oak trees that they used to build the U.S.S. Constitution (aka Old Ironsides) during the war of 1812. Live oak trees are very hard, which is why cannon balls bounced off the Constitution's side during battle, earning it the title Old Ironsides. Here are some pictures:

Rachel and Stephen wading in the ocean

The Lighthouse

Stephen and Daddy on the top of the lighthouse

Mommy, Grandma and Rachel from the top of the Lighthouse

Here we are at Honey Horn Plantation

Stephen and I are in a Live Oak Tree

Stephen throwing the Frisbee on the beach


FullquivOrr said...

what lighthouse?

Joshua Horn said...

Harbour Town Lighthouse

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