Finally, Snow!: The Snowball fight

Yesterday Joshua and I had two snowball fights. The first fight I was defending my fort against Joshua's attacks. He never drove me out of my fort so I won. The second fight I chose a different fort, and he attacked a couple times and could not drive me out so he retreated to his fort to attack me again. We were on opposite sides of a building, so I creeped around the back of the building, and when I was at the corner he went to attack my fort, but when he saw that I was not there, he turned around, and saw me knocking his supply of snow over, and threw snowballs at me so I retreated. I did it again, but not with as much success, so I ran up onto our deck and started throwing snowballs at him from there. I repulsed his charges three times, but he made it up on the next charge. I did not have enough time to make snowballs, so I was just throwing snow in his face, and whenever I did it, he would turn around and wipe the snow off his face, so I had time to get more. Finally, he did not turn around when I hit him and he started throwing snow down my hood, and since the snow we threw on each other was starting to melt, we went inside, and declared Joshua the victor of the second battle. Here are some pictures of the second battle:
Joshua throwing snow at me:

Me working on my fort
Me with my shovel

My fort


Anonymous said...

You guys are so funny!
Sounds like you had a lot of fun,
I am glad you had such a good time!

Lisa Wong said...

It sounds like you've been having fun! Well we have been too. We got about 8" of snow and most of it's been on the ground for a week!
We'll be going to the Plymouth Faith & Freedom tour in June and the Reformation 500 conference and wanted to know if we'd get to see you guys again. Will you're family be going?
-J. Andrew

Joshua Horn said...

We are planning on being there. We will look for you there!

Stephen Horn said...

I wish we got that much snow and it stayed!

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