Memorial Day 2008

Every Memorial Day our church does a picnic for the community. We have free BBQ, hayrides, and veteran testimonies. Over 1000 people come, many from out of state, and enjoy a time of honoring the veterans and having fun. This year Doug Phillips was here, along with many veterans. It was a great day of honoring God and the veterans. I encourage you to read Mr. Phillips funny "advertisement" from his blog:

Here are some pictures from the event this year:

Stephen and I helped with parking

Many boys came armed and ready for action!

Doug Phillips gave two great messages, one on George Washington, the Indispensable man to the American Revolution, and another on the staff of George Washington and the character qualities of leaders that are needed for today.

Mr. Breagy, one of our friends, told a story about when he blew someone's house down while flying a helicopter mission.

We had BBQ, hushpuppies, cole slaw and cookies. (There was PB&J for the northerners.) My mother served BBQ, and Rachel helped serve the veterans.

Daddy organized the hay rides and jeep rides and drove a tractor.

After the speeches, war began!!!

Next year, you are invited to join our church for this one-of-a-kind Memorial Day celebration. Check Mr. Scott Brown's blog sometime next spring for more information.


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"...PB&J for the Northerners..."

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