Faith and Freedom Tour Day 4

On Thursday, it was very warm. First we went to Burial Hill, and Mr. Phillips and Mr. Potter gave talks about the people who were buried, and what they did in Plymouth Colony. Then we had some time to walk around the graveyard and look at the grave stones. Next we walked down to the waterfront to see the Pilgrims Progress, which is people dressed up as pilgrims marching in a parade to Burial Hill, and then they had a short pilgrim worship service on top of the hill.

The Pilgrims in the Pilgrims Progress

They have one every year on Thanksgiving Day and many people who are in Plymouth gather to watch, and listen to the service that is like the ones the pilgrims did. Then we went in an old church that is where the pilgrims first had their church, and now it is called the Church of the Pilgrimage. There we listened to the pastor of the church, Gary Marx, give a speech about the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.
Gary Marx giving his talk in the church

Then we walked to Pilgrim Hall, which is a museum in Plymouth about the pilgrims, and it has a model of the Mayflower, and some things that the pilgrims brought with them. At the museum they had a treasure hunt for the children to do, and if you complete it, they give you a free postcard.

The Pilgrim Hall Museum

Joshua, Stephen and I did the treasure hunt at the museum, and then our whole family went back to the hotel to get ready for the Thanksgiving dinner that they were having for us there. We sat with the Potter family during dinner. The dinner was a big buffet line with turkey and beef, and things you usually have at a Thanksgiving dinner. After everybody was finished eating we moved to a different room and some of the people on the tour got to tell what they were thankful for. Most people stayed around and talked to other people for a while after the dinner and then everybody left to go back to their hotel rooms.


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