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Where’s our Roy Moore?

My letter to the editor, printed in The Herald-Sun February 17, 2015

Down in Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore has been resisting the rulings of federal courts which overturned the provisions in their state constitution forbidding the license of same-sex marriages.

North Carolina is in a similar situation. In 2012 more than 60 percent of the voters approved Amendment 1, but back in October it took only one federal judge to overturn it.

Federal courts point to the 14th Amendment as justification for their decisions, but anyone who reads it can see that it can not be justly construed to either require the recognition of same-sex marriages, or to give the federal courts any jurisdiction over state laws in these matters.

Ultimately the responsibility in North Carolina lies with the county registers of deeds who are elected on a local level. It is their jurisdiction to decide whether or not to issue marriage licenses. Citizens must hold them to account, and urge them to stand up for marriage as ordained by God, to resist judicial tyranny, enforce state law, and defend states’ rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Where is North Carolina’s Roy Moore to lead this charge?