Horn Tour 2014

Chattanooga, TN
The Horn family invites you to join us on our tour this year, where we will study the history of the Western Theater of the American Civil War. Beginning on September 1 we will travel from Wake Forest, NC to Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia to study this oft-forgotten half of the country’s most devastating war. We will start by exploring the early history of Tennessee before diving into the war at Fort Donelson. There we will begin tracing the story and campaigns of men like Ulysses S. Grant, William Sherman, Joseph E. Johnston, and Braxton Bragg. Next we visit Shiloh, in whose bloody woods the Union army was nearly destroyed. We will then head to the historic city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, where the breastworks still remind us of the large siege that took place there. Then on to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where nestled in the Appalachian mountains is one of the most picturesque battlefields in the nation, overlooking the Tennessee River Valley. Finally, the tour will conclude at the Bennett Place in Durham, NC, where the largest number of Confederate troops was surrendered in the entire Civil War.

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South America - Llanganates National Park

South America - Sightseeing in Ecuador

After the preaching in Ecuador my father and I stayed two more days to go sightseeing. Our plan was to climb Reventador one day and go rafting the next. We ended up not going hiking, a mudslide blocked the highway and the alternate route we tried turned out to be basically an offroading trail that was also blocked. It was an adventure, though not the one we were planning.  

Mudslide blocking the road

Waterfall in the jungle
Flat tire

We got stuck in the mud here, at the dead end of a road