Rhine Cruise - Day 5, Rudesheim

Grape vines
We arrived in Rudesheim while eating breakfast, then we boarded a tram and took a short walk to the gondola station. It was rather cool and windy, but our first sunny day, which Kendra appreciated. We rode over the grape vineyards to see the Germany Unification Monument, then we walked through the vineyards to town, then walked back to the ship. The history and torture museums were not open, but we enjoyed our walk.

Germany Unification Monument
Vineyards & Monument
Vineyards with house & old tower
We had traditional German food for lunch after returning to the ship, then we started cruising the scenic castles along the Rhine, which were built to display the wealth of the landowners and collect tolls along the river. The river was the main way to transport goods. The Rhine Valley is known for its grapes and wines, predominantly Rieslings. This was Kendra's favorite day of the cruise, and the afternoon cruise was her favorite part. We were on the sundeck of the ship, it was very chilly, but beautiful. We got to try the new audio linked to the GPS with our headsets. It could have used more historical details, but it was a good idea.

Oldest standing castle on the Rhine. They put chains across the river to stop boats for tolls.
Most glorious rainbow we have ever seen. We saw both ends on the ground. Actually a double rainbow.

We arrived in Koblenz about dusk and had a quick walking tour.


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