Baltic Cruise - Day 7, Helsinki

Joshua has decided he never wants to travel where English is not the first language. We spent about 2/12 hours walking in circles, or at least the taking the long way, to find the information center. The maps on the cruise ship were pretty useless, and the data plan for Dan's phone did not have a useable GPS.

We finally found our way to the ferry port, where we boarded a ferry for Suomenlinna, the sea fortress off the coast of Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki Cathedral, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral

Statue of Luther in the Cathedral
Suomenlinna Church built in 1854
Waterfront at Suomenlinna

Walking on more Cobblestones
Inside the Military Museum

Fire Station

Yes, Discerning History did a little A-roll
Submarine Vesikko, launched in 1933
We caught the ferry near the submarine, and it only took about 30 minutes to get back to the ship. We made it back with about 5 minutes to spare before they pulled up the gangplank. Did I say it was a brisk walk?


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