Baltic Cruise - Day 4, Tallinn

Map of our Baltic Capitals Itinerary 
Viru Gates from 15th Century
This is the day we did the most walking, and most of it was on cobblestones (which I don't recommend 3 1/2 months after rotator cuff surgery.)  Tallinn, Estonia is a walled medieval city that used to be part of the USSR. I did enjoy the architecture.
View from Viewing Platform
View from Tower at Tallinn City Museum, Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral in background
The City Museum is located in a medieval merchant's dwelling in the center of the Old Town. There is a cafe at the top of the tower.
Inside the Bastion Passage, below the City Museum
We toured the museum, went to the Maritime Museum, then ran back to the City Museum for the Bastion Passage tour in English. It was very interesting, except for the hokey ride to the future at the end of the tour. The wall was used as a bomb shelter during World War I.

Cannon inside the Maritime Museum

Ship in the Maritime Museum
Early Diving Suit in Maritime Museum
Blend of Medieval and Modern architecture

We are not sure what this large building is, but it is about the size of a city block, and has LOTS of steps (more than I care to remember.) If you visit Tallinn, the Maritime Museum is near the entrance to Old Town, not far from the cruise terminal. You can get a combo ticket to the Maritime and the Seaplane Harbor Museums, where you can go under a submarine. It is only about a 15 minute walk from the Maritime Museum, but in the opposite direction from the City Museum with the Bastion Passages. In case you haven't figured it out, we walked past the Maritime Museum, to the furthest corner of the town (City Museum), then back to the Maritime Museum, then back to the City Museum for the Bastion Passage tour, then we tried to make it to the Seaplane Harbor Museum before boarding the ship. We might have made it, but I think we got a little turned around, and someone decided we'd only have 15 minutes at the Seaplane Museum before sprinting back to the ship (you guessed it, that would be me.)


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