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100 Years Ago - The Great Omaha Tornado

1913 Tornado

A century ago the nation was struck with several terrible natural disasters. The first was the Omaha Tornado of 1913, which struck 100 years ago today with terrible effect.
March 23, Eastern Sunday, 1913, dawned a beautiful day in eastern Nebraska. But towards evening the sky began to darken and threaten rain, but none fell. The day changed unexpectedly as the first tornado touched ground at 5:20 pm near Craig, Nebraska, destroying a dozen houses. Ten minutes later another tornado hit Yutan. As it made its way through the town 20 people were killed and 40 homes destroyed. To the south, another tornado leveled the village of Berlin and another dozen people were killed.
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History of the Filibuster

Discover the interesting history of the filibuster, from Cato the Younger to Rand Paul, and see why it is an important part of the American system of government.

Alaska Photo Book

After our trip to Alaska I put together a book of some of the photos we took. Above is a digital version of it.