Car Accident

As many of you probably know, we were involved in a car accident last Wednesday. We were on a filming trip for Discerning History and our Ford Excursion flipped while we were in Annapolis, Maryland. Above is a picture of the wreck. All in the car, the five in our family plus Erik Woodard and Stephen Breagy) were taken via ambulance to the hospital except my father, who was taken by helicopter. The injuries turned out by God's grace, to be much less serious than they could have been. Rachel had only bruises, Stephen a cut on his elbow, Erik broke his pinky, and I had about 13 staples and 5 stitches. We were all released in a few hours. Stephen Breagy got staples in his head, and was kept overnight for a concussion. My parent's injuries were a bit more serious. My father had a broken collar bone and has a neck brace for his vertebrae. He was released Friday. My mother has a neck brace and a lot of deep cuts on her head and hand and was released Saturday. We are all home now, and Lord Willing all will recover quickly. Thanks to all those who prayed, and are prayer for us!


Deborah said...

Praising the Lord for His protecting mercy!!

Unknown said...

“The injuries turned out by God's grace, to be much less serious than they could have been.” Well, that’s one of the things to be thankful for. Have you talked to a lawyer already? He/she can help you claim your rights (e.g. recompense for lost wages and medical bills) from the party at fault or from insurance companies.

Javier Hoppes

Joshua Horn said...

Good job. You are the only competent spammer I have ever seen. A comment actually relevant to the post, even including a copy and pasted sentence from the post.

Still not falling for it.

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