Alaska Trip - Day 12 (Exit Glacier)

The last day before we flew out we spent most of the day hiking the Harding Ice Field Trail. We were unable to make it to the end of the trail, because there was too much snow, but we did make it a good portion of the way.

Exit Valley

A marmot where we stopped to eat lunch


Sree said...

Hi Josh - The pics are awesome, can't believe you had such wonderful weather there at the end of August. We will be there during the labor day weekend, but the weather forecast shows full day rain. Hope they are wrong :)
You mentioned you didn't do the full hike, can you tell us which trial you hiked and how long it took you?

Joshua Horn said...

We did the Harding Glacier Trail, we just couldn't make it to the top because of the snow. I think of the 8 mile round trip we probably did 5-6. I think it took around 4 hours, but that could vary greatly depending on how fast you hike and whether there is snow. We had a lot of rain while we were there - pretty much every day we were on the coast. However, there were only a few downpours, a lot of the time it was just a light drizzle.

Hope you have a good trip!

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