Hope vs. Heritage Softball Tournament

Last Saturday Hope Baptist Church of Wake Forest and Heritage Bible Fellowship of Fayeteville met for a softball game and picnic. First there was a game for anyone who wanted to play. After lunch two teams of the men played - Hope Baptist Reformers and Heritage Churchmen. Both teams had hats and shirts made. Stephen Sides, a former NCFIC intern and younger brother of a Hope Baptist Reformer, did a good job as the announcer. The game was very good, at least for the Reformers. At around the 3rd or 4th inning the game was tied at around 4 to 4, but then in one inning Hope made about 10 runs. Heritage was not able to make a comeback, but they did make a few more runs in the last inning. It was also a good time of fellowship. Here are some pictures:

Reformer Michael Arnette comes into first (Jonathan Sides is the first base coach)

Michael Arnette appears to get hit in the head, but it is actually just the camera angle

David Brown at bat

Heritage right fielder catching a grounder

Heritage at bat (David Brown catching)

Mr. Tsantles batting (no homerun for Mrs. Tsantles)

Mr. Merrill, pitcher for the Reformers, at bat

Mr. Merril on the pitcher's mound

Mr. Hernandez going for the ball

Mr. Metarko batting

David Brown comes home

Luke Dellinger at bat

You can see more here.


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