Blogging the Reformers: Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon, England on April 25, 1599. His family was in the lower class of gentry, and he remained fairly obscure for the first part of his life. He married Elizabeth Bourchier on August 22, 1620 at 21 years of age. They had nine children. He was saved sometime later, and became a zealous Puritan. One biographer said, “He was henceforth a Christian man, not on Sundays only, but on all days, in all places, and in all cases.” Another said, “Oliver Cromwell was now a real Christian: he remained one until his last breath; and, if we except a few moments of trouble, to which the most godly men are subject, he persevered in faith and confidence till his course of mortality was completed.”

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