Day 7 - At Sea

On the day at sea, we mostly played Empire Builder (this is not the same edition). We don't get to play it much because it usually takes at least 4 hours to play, and we don't play games much at home.

The game board

This is a game where you have to build a railroad track, and you pick up natural resources where they are produced and deliver them to cities that are willing to pay for them. It is a good entrepreneur game, because you learn basic business principles like it takes money to make money, and there are disaster cards that can spoil your plans. You have to spend money to build your track, other players can lock you out of cities you want to go to, and you can rent their track. You also learn some geography and where natural resources were in the 1800's when railroads were the primary means of transporting goods. We also had another bridge lesson with Grandma and Grandpa after dinner.

British Rails is very similar to Empire Builder, except that the board is of Great Britain. It can be helpful for learning about the geography and natural resources of Britain.


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