Climbing a Tree

Last Thursday we went to our grandmother's house and climbed a tree. It was hard to get up in it, but once you were up it was easy. Joshua got in it easier because he is taller, but I climbed up higher and he went down to get pictures. When I was climbing up I had to wait for Mommy to go inside, because she would have been scared looking at me climbing up so high. After I got down Joshua went up and I took some pictures of him.

This is me in a fork in the tree(which was as far as I got):

Me climbing down

I am still trying to get down

Here is a closeup of Joshua in the tree

Joshua hanging on a tree branch

A shot from the distance of Joshua in the tree(You can not even see in this picture where I was because he was so low)


Anonymous said...

I wish I could climb that high without getting sick.

Joshua Horn said...

Stephen can, but I have trouble going quite that high.

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