Scotland - Day 10

On day 10 the bus left at 5:45am to get on a  ferry to the Isle of Mull. The first ferry was a 45 minute ferry ride, after about an hour drive. Once we were landed we got on the buses to drive across the Isle of Mull to get on a ferry to the Isle of Iona. Iona is the place that Columba first came to. Many missionaries left from there to go to all parts of the world. One of them was Brendan, who went all the way to the equator. In his diary it says, "We came to one place where all there was to eat was long yellow fruit that you had to peel." These were bannanas so we know he made it to the equator. There is evidence that some of them made it to North America. We went into the oldest chapel, which is tiny, for a talk by Doug  Phillips. Then we went into a bigger chapel that is still used as a church  for a talk by Doug Phillips and then one by Dr. Joe Morcraft. Then we went into the abbey that is also used as a church for a concert by Charlie Zahm. Then we  went into the graveyard and listened to a speech by Doug Phillips on some of the people that were buried there. There were 48 Scot kings, Pict Kings, Irish kings, and Viking kings. There was also a talk by Bill Potter on the Picts and their lifestyle. Then we went to the Iona Book Store which had old used books and we bought some. After we ate lunch we went to a building which had ancient tombstones and other important stones to protect them from the weather. After that we went down to the beach. Then we went to some souvenier shops but did not buy anything. We waited for the ferry and when it came we got on. When we arrived on the Isle of Mull  we drove back across the Island to the other ferry location.We got on the ferry to the mainland and arrived safely. Then we got on the buses and arrived at the hotel at 9:00pm. We had to pack up because we were leaving the next day.


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