Vision Forum Give away

For 6 days only, we will be offering one free gift from Vision Forum. We will give away one copy of the DVD of League of Grateful Sons, a great video about honoring our fathers which was produced by Vision Forum. Even if you already have the video, you can enter anyway, it is a great video to give to others!

To enter the contest, please email your name, email and shipping address to We will only accept one application per family. All applications must be received by December 20, 2007. The winner will be notified by December 24, 2007. You will probably receive your free gift in 2-3 weeks. Please email any questions to

Mr. Bill Brown and his wife go to our church. He is one of the heroes featured in the film.

Vision Forum also sells a book about Mr. Brown, Coming In on a Wing and a Prayer, written by Kelly Bradrick, his granddaughter who went to our church before she was married.

To learn more about this great movie click here: League of Grateful Sons
To buy more products from Vision Forum, click here: Vision Fourm

We hope you enjoy this contest.

The Horn Family


Penn and Janet said...

What a fun idea! Someone will really enjoy that movie.

Carol and Trent said...

I like the photo! ;)
We had such a good time December 7 with Bill and Mary's visit here. Too short a time for covering all that needs to be thought about. We hope to see them again before they return to NC. Love, Carol and Trent

Joshua Horn said...

There is only one more day to enter this give away!

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