Faith and Freedom Tour Day 2

On Tuesday we went on a walking tour of Plymouth. In the walking tour, first Mr. Jehle gave us a talk on providential stories at Plymouth. Then we went to the Plymouth rock memorial were Mr. Phillips gave a talk on Ebenezers.Then we went to the Pilgrim Mothers statue, where Mr. Phillips analyzed the statue. Then we went to the Bradford monument where Mr. Phillips gave a talk on William Bradford.Then we walked through the Brewster gardens. After that we went to the first burying ground monument where the Pilgrims had buried their dead in the middle of the night so the Indians would not know how few people they had. Then we went to the Massasoit statue where Mr. Jehle talked about the Pilgrim's relationship with the Indians. Then we boarded the buses for Plymouth Plantation. Plymouth Plantation is a place where actors recreate what the settlement would of looked like. Mr. Phillips gave all of the children a list of what they had to do to get a special prize. After that we ate dinner with the Pilgrims. It was a re-creation of the dinner John Robinson's church had before some of them left for the new world.
Here are some good books to learn more about Plymouth:
  1. Plymouth in the Words of her Founders by Paul Jehle
  2. Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
  3. Plymouth set: Of Plymouth Plantation, Plymouth in the words of her founders, and the Thanksgiving Primer
  4. Landmarks and Liberty(CD)


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