Reformation Day

October 31, Reformation Day, is a very important day in church. On October 31 in 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the Church door in Wittenburg. With that act he lit the fire of Reformation in Europe. This year our church gathered at the Brown Family Farm to remember the reformers. A handful of children did biographical sketches of the major reformers, Martin Luther, John Knox and John Calvin. I (Joshua) did one on John Knox. John Knox was a great reformer in Scotland. He was driven out of many countries, first he was captured by the French at the siege of St. Andrew's Castle and was put in a galley to row. He was released and then he went to England. Then he was driven to France, and from France to Geneva. Then he went back to Scotland and died there. While he was in Scotland the second time he preached boldly against the Queen, Mary. I had fun preparing the speech about John Knox.

To the right is a picture of St. Andrew's castle, which we took on our March 2006 trip to Scotland.


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