Day 9 - Cadiz

During the night we passed through the Strait of Gibralter. The Strait of Gibralter is a very narrow point between Africa and Spain. We got up at midnight to see if we could see Gibralter. We couldn't, although we saw lights near it and also Africa.

In the morning we got up and went ashore in Cadiz. We wanted to drive to Gibralter, but no car rental places were open because it was Sunday. Daddy did a talk on the Battle of Trafalgar, which was a very important sea battle between the Spanish and French and the English which happened near Gibralter. The Spanish and French fleet came out of Cadiz. We videoed it, and we may put up a clip of it soon.

After that we did a walking tour around the walls and forts of the city. Many of the fortifications were built because Sir Francis Drake of England attacked Spain and burned several cities. After walking around and seeing interesting things we went back to the ship.


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