Rhine Cruise - Day 7, Amsterdam

Today we had a canal tour and bus tour of Amsterdam after lunch. I took a lot of pictures of the countryside and windmills on our arrival, but didn't notice that it was not in auto mode (the last pictures were taken at night), so they didn't come out since I didn't check them. This was the coldest day, about high of 46, and while I was adding layers for our tours, I was reminded we would be inside a boat and bus. Unfortunately, we forgot that all bus tours include about an hour of free time for shopping (or walking outside), so I was a little chilly. After dinner we went for a walk, fully bundled up. Although Holland was the last Protestant country in Europe, today it is very perverse, and they are proud of their tolerance for aberrant lifestyles.
Old City Gate

You can see more pictures from the trip here.


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