Baltic Cruise - Day 1, Copenhagen

Long Boat replica
After an 8 hour flight to Copenhagen from Washington, D.C., we headed to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. Inside there are 5 ships they found in the bottom of the fjord, and they have reconstructed them using the same techniques as the vikings. They have sails as well as oars, and they take them out on the water. Discerning History did not pay for a boat ride, but we got a glimpse of one on the water.
Viking ship relica sailing
Stephen climbing off long boat replica
Most of the museums we visited had models with lots of detail and give you a feel for what things looked like, without the modern additions. They also had some films with English subtitles, or audio in English with headphones.
Viking ship model
Viking ship model with shields during attack
Viking ship after salvage
Replicas of small Viking ships
I am glad we visited the museum, but fatigue and hunger made us look forward to boarding our cruise ship. They had snacks and beverages waiting for us at the dock and in our room, but we went to the buffet with Grandma & Grandpa (Dan's parents) for lunch. I was delighted to find that the master bathroom in our suite was almost as large as a standard cabin, with a window in the shower, a window over the tub, and double sinks. The children had their own bathroom and bedroom, and we have a few photos of our living/dining room (stay tuned for later posts.)
A Fort sailing out of Copenhagen

Chancellorsville 150th Reenactment

At the beginning of this month I went to the reenactment for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Chancellorsville. I wasn't able to post right away because we left for the Baltic for two days later (stay tuned for posts on that soon.) But the video I took there is embeded above, and here are some pictures:

Soldiers line up for battle
Skirmishers in front of the Confederate line
Union battle line

Yankee volley
The main line fires
Union cannon
Confederate courier
Jackson's flank attack

Union troops fire
Confederate charge
Southern volley
Confederate commanders
Union fall back 

Memorial Day Picnic 2013

Bill Brown
On Monday our church will be having it's annual Memorial Picnic. At the event, we strive to honor our country's veterans, tell the stories of what God has done in history, and minister to the community.

Visit the new website at

Baltic Trip

Wittenburg. Source.
We are leaving today for the a trip around the Baltic Sea! We will be going to going to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany and Estonia. We probably will not be able to post while we are over there, but stay tuned for a bunch of blog posts when we get back.


Virginia Filming Trip 2013

Last week we filmed for a few days around Virginia for Discerning History. Here are some pictures.
Stone wall at Fredericksburg

Chatham, a Union headquarters during the Battle of Fredericksburg
Virginia Capitol Building

St. Paul's Church, where Lee and Davis attended in Richmond, VA

Battle of Chancellorsville 150th

This week is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Chancellorsville. Chancellorsville was one of the most important battles of the entire Civil War. Stonewall Jackson launched one of the greatest attacks of the entire Civil War, routing an entire Union corps. But as he was preparing to launch a follow up attack to seal his victory, he was wounded by friendly fire. He died a few days later. Some say that this was the turning point of the Civil War.

But although the story normally ends with Jackson's fall, that was just the beginning of the battle. The armies continued to fight for several more days, and the Union still had a good chance for victory. But the hard fighting from the Confederates and the mistakes from the Union handed the Confederacy the victory, but at a terrible cost. It was the fourth bloodiest battle of the Civil War, and May 3rd was the second bloodiest day.

Make sure to follow my Civil War 150th Blog for "live" blogging of the battle throughout the week.

There will be a reenactment this weekend in Chancellorsville, Virginia. Thousands of reenactors will be there and it will certainly be an impressive sight. We hope to be there filming, so check back next week for pictures and videos from the event.