Alaska Trip - Day 4 (Juneau)

The next day we went to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. It was a unique capital, for although one of the smallest population wise, it has very large city limits, enclosing many glaciers, an ice field, and even touching the Canadian border. It is also the only capital not connected to the interstate system. We started out out day by going to Mendenhall Glacier. We took a trail out to the edge of the glacier, and although it was not easy, it was very fun.
Trees in the rainforest
As we worked our way around large lake the terrain changed significantly. The ground uncovered recently by the glacier was not forested, but instead was bear rock
Stephen climbing a ridge

Crossing a stream fed by melted snow
Mendenhall Glacier

Unfortunately, when one of our computers crashed we lost some photos from this day. We also saw an amazing ice cave, which was beautify with the blue ice walls. After hiking back to our car we went back to the ship for a late lunch. Then Rachel, my father and I went out again, first to a tour of a salmon hatchery, and then we drove down the one road in the area before going back to the ship. 


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