Sunset Over the Ohio

Last week while traveling to Ohio for a filming trip (check back soon for a post on that) we were able to see a great sunset over the Ohio river.

New England Filming Trip

Last month, we went up to New England to film part of our Civil War DVD series, which will be on the antebellum period leading up to the Civil War. Stephen Breagy, one of our friends, came with us to help, and also Erik Woodard, a video producer who is staying with us. On July 7, we drove up to New England, and spent the night at Princeton. The next morning we filmed at Princeton University:
Nassau Hall at Princeton University

The Cathedral at Princeton
The shoot took longer than we were planning, and also there was traffic, so we did not get to one of the places we were planning on going to. We drove to one of our friends' houses, and spent the next three nights there. On Saturday morning, we drove to Plymouth, MA and filmed in the Church of the Pilgrimage and at Burial Hill, the cemetery on the hill next to it:
The Church of the Pilgrimage

The Church of the Pilgrimage from Burial Hill
On Sunday Daddy preached at our friend's church, and we spent the day fellowshiping with them. On Monday we drove to Boston, and filmed at the First Church of Boston and Park Street Church:
Park Street Church

We then filmed in Cambridge at two of the graves of the Secret Six, men that were influential in the abolitionist movement, and the funders of John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry. We also filmed at Harvard University:
The grave of Samuel Gridley Howe, one of the Secret Six, and the husband of Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic
Harvard University
On Tuesday morning, a couple of the guys got up early and filmed at Faneuil Hall in Boston. We then drove 5 hours to John Brown's Farm in North Elba, New York:
John Brown's Farmhouse

On Wednesday we went to the Old South Church in Newburyport, MA and interviewed the pastor.
The Old South Church

Interior of Old South Church
George Whitefield's Crypt in the Old South Church
Then we went to the replica of the Friendship of Salem. We don't have any pictures because it was raining and we were busy. On Thursday we went to Concord, MA and filmed at the North Bridge, and the Wayside, a house on the underground railroad that Louisa May Alcott lived in at one point:
North Bridge (from when we went a few years ago)

We went to the grave of another of the Secret Six:
Sanborn, one of the Secret Six
We also went to Walden Pond, were Henry David Thoreau lived for a period of time:
Thoreau's Cabin
On Friday we drove to Philadelphia and filmed at Independence Hall, Congress Hall, The 1st and 2nd National Banks, the President's House, and the Declaration House:

Second National Bank
President's House
On Saturday we drove back to NC.

Panorama from the Bell Tower of the Old South church. (Click on image for larger version.)