Re-finishing the Hard-wood Floors

This Christmas we are refinishing our hardwood floors as a project. Last year we put tile on the kitchen counter tops. This is even bigger because we have 900 sq. ft. of hardwood floors. The builders did not do a good job of sanding when they finished them the first time and the finish is gone in spots.

Here are the steps:
  1. Get everything off the floors, out of the pantry, and off the kitchen counters.
  2. Sand them. We do this to get the finish off, and make them smooth.
  3. Put stain on.
  4. Put three coats of polyurethane on (sanding, vacuuming, and tack clothing in between coats.)
We started on Saturday. Here are some pictures:Stephen Walker, who lives near us, came over to help.This is Daddy running the drum sander (which is for sanding the main parts of the floors). Stephen is holding the cord so Daddy does not run over it.Here is Joshua using a small orbital sander on the floor. The orbital edge sander we rented is beside Joshua.

We will use 3 or 4 different grades of sandpaper.

On Saturday we did almost the entire floor once, then we went to the Browns' barn to spend the night since we go there for worship on Sunday morning and it was too dusty to sleep in our house.


Penn and Janet said...

I bet your floors look really nice!!

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